I employed Axel IT Solutions in 2013 to assist with a pioneering development of a peer to peer mesh system, cuuble, to address the issues we have in society re aged and disability care and more critically, social isolation.

Over these years we have pioneered many aspects of the cuuble development and worked through a few iterations. The development work covered all aspects of the system which included the core web services engine, its extensive web services user interface functions, its privacy methods, its accessibility and screen reader use and its operational deployment as a cloud service through to this year with our retirement village trials.

Over this period I have relied on Prakash to engage productively in any aspect of the system development, its adaption, its testing, its trialling, its deployment and evolution.

Prakash has always taken on any task in a positive and professional way and delivered on it.

Over these years Prakash has shown himself to be a trusted professional and become a close friend. He is personable, trustworthy, dependable, highly skilled and a major contributor to any development or support team.

I am still employing his services and hope to for some time to come.

Alan LloydCo Founder - cuubleDirector, wwite Pty Ltd